New Year, New Me?

I don’t have anything against resolutions or goals at the start of the year. It always gives you a little bit of a push (IMO) to start something fresh on a Monday, so it should give you a massive push to start something on the first day of a new year.


Personally, I always like to reflect at the end of the year and focus on my achievements. This can be across work and personal life. It’s healthy and good to feel like you’ve achieved something and even if they seem like small things, you get a buzz to know you have done that.

Things I am proud of in 2017

  • I ran my first Half Marathon (after saying I never would)
  • I completed a 12 week plan with an online PT (Courtney Pruce) and felt the most healthy and confident I have ever felt in my adult life
  • I went on the holiday of a lifetime in Thailand with my boyfriend and friends which I had saved for the whole year
  • I did a frickin’ skydive!!!!
  • I officially started my blog and a fitness Instagram to keep me accountable
  • Managed to do 5 consecutive unassisted pull-ups (my only resolution I had written down in 2016 that is on this list)

However, it can also feel totally overwhelming when you wake up on the 2nd January (The 1st never counts, right?!) and feel like the same useless lump you felt before Christmas. Well, I did anyway.

The first week of January, I felt so blue. I was tired, doing the same job and feeling unhealthy and unfit after the gluttony of the Christmas break. Why didn’t I feel any different?!

IMG_0505 2.JPG

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels like this, but I highly doubt it. I hear a lot from people putting pressure on themselves and then beating themselves up for failing. Easy to tell someone else not to do it (like I am now) but not so easy to tell yourself.

So, just a reminder to anyone feeling like that (and a reminder to myself) that it’s ok if the first week didn’t go to plan. You have 358 more days(and you’re going to fuck a few of those up as well). As humans, we aren’t perfect. So don’t try to be. I’ve written my goals down for this year and even if I fail them all, I’m sure I’ll find some other stuff to write on my list next year.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 17.02.39


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