How much fat are you really eating?

For years, carbs have been the macronutrient that has got the bad rap. With phrases such as “No carbs before Marbs” and the rise of the Atkins diet, if people want to lose weight, carbs are usually the first thing people will cut from their diet.

But this simply is not healthy! Yes, you can choose healthier options such as whole wheat bread and pasta which are easier on the digestive system but some of these extreme diets will even have people cut out fruit and vegetables as they have carbs.

Carbs = Energy


Simply put, if you are exercising regularly or have a job that means you are on your feet a lot, YOU NEED TO EAT CARBS! This is also the best thing about lifting weights, you can still eat bread and pasta (albeit carefully).

Fat is something else that most recently, people are trying to turn on its head. I have read a lot of articles that say you should choose full-fat dairy products because they add other nasties to products. So for a while, I was drinking full-fat lattes and buying full-fat yoghurt. Eating avocados and eggs for breakfast is deemed as healthy but 1 whole avocado and two scrambled eggs has 35g of fat in it.


I don’t believe you should cut out any foods, obviously, avocado has healthy fat – but it is still fat and still needs to be eaten in moderation if you are looking at cutting body fat.

Cutting out fat completely is still a massive No-GO. We need fat for energy just like we need carbs, but you probably don’t need as much as you think or you might not know how much you are eating. pexels-photo-306801

A lot of Fitness Instagram stars talk about eating intuitively, which is great if at one point you knew exactly what you were eating. If I’d have eaten intuitively before I counted macros for 12 weeks, I probably would have thought that adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to my dinner would have been fine.

Now I have a deeper understanding of macronutrients and how they affect MY body specifically, I probably would be able to eat more intuitively than previously.

For example, as I am lifting heavy weights 4x week and burning on average about 2400 calories a day, I know I can eat more carbs and a lower fat content helps me to lose body fat.


Find what works for YOU! Keep a diary, use MyFitnessPal and track what you are eating for at least 2 weeks.

Let me know how you get on x


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