It’s simple. Not easy

Recently, through reading books and listening to podcasts, I have become much more mindful of the thoughts going through my brain and how I can have a direct impact on my mood.

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I am normally one who can become quite frustrated over very minor things such as someone cutting me up on the way to work, walking slowly and train delays. (They largely revolve around my commute). Today, I tried something new.

Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated, I tried thinking “Isn’t this great”.

How great is it that I have an hour every day to myself in the morning whilst I’m travelling to work. I have time to read the paper, a book. I even meditated on the train this morning. 

How great is it that I have a job that pays my bills (and some) and enables me flexibility to explore what I really want to do long term. 

How great is it that people feel that they can talk to me about any problems they are facing. It’s so nice to know they feel I am a good listener. 


It’s hard to re-train your thoughts, I also had a flare of annoyance when someone nearly tripped me up before trying to remember my new thought process. It’s difficult to retrain your brain. It’s years and years of thoughts and beliefs that have been ingrained into us from childhood, either from watching our parents or close friends behaviour at a very impressionable age as a child.

It’s simple, but not easy to change how your mind works. It will take time for this to become a habit, but I’m willing to keep trying.

Here is some recommended reading for help on how to retrain your brain:

The Chimp Paradox – Dr Steve Peters

You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Life Tonic – Jody Shield


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