Do the times of day you eat affect weight loss/gain?

I have read countless articles advising people not to eat past a certain time – some even suggest eating dinner as early as 5pm!

With the amount of information online now, people are constantly subjected to conflicting advice when it comes to health and losing weight so it can be really hard to know the right thing to do.


Information like this, particularly around times to eat really stress me out. And we all know the hormone cortisol which is the stress hormone isn’t good for weight gain! As someone who works in the City, has a long commute and normally trains in the evening. I often don’t eat until 8.30pm/9pm. So how much of an effect is this having on my weight?

As some of you know, I have been on a 12 week training plan and I am currently half way through. The times of day I am eating hasn’t really changed, I’m eating dinner the same time I always used to. And whilst I haven’t lost weight, I have lost fat.

The internet, magazine and social media influencers are fantastic sources for finding out information, but we need to take responsibility for finding out what works best for our own bodies and taking the information provided to us with a pinch of salt.

I found one article (linked below) that suggest people who eat late make unhealthy choices. What a huge assumption! What about the people who work different hours or don’t have the option to eat at 6pm when most are only just finishing work?!


Yes, eating at 6pm might be better for me, but if that means preparing my dinner the day before, taking it into work and then eating it at my desk before I leave for the day, I don’t think for me that is a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Many people today don’t work a normal 9-5 or work shifts, again meaning you’ll need to find times of day that work for you.

I don’t like eating after 9.30pm because I can’t sleep whilst I am still digesting but is it going to have a huge effect on my weight gain? For me, personally, knowing what I know and understand about my body. No, I don’t think it will.

By all means, take things on board and try something new for a few weeks to see how it works for you and your body. 



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3 thoughts on “Do the times of day you eat affect weight loss/gain?

  1. You’re a hundred percent right about questioning the information from just about any Health Magazine.

    All those magazines are just giving that information in an attempt to be the latest to come up with a new diet trend but they’re all complete bull crap. It’s hard to find reliable sources of good health information without being confused, but it all comes down to calories in, calories out and the time of day that food is eaten comes secondary to that. Also the quality of foods is most important, as if someone is eating crap food in the morning or at night it doesn’t matter, it’s going to have a negative effect on energy levels, and also as crap food is addictive it’s good going to spur more of the same consumption.

    Best free source of information on YouTube is “athlean X” and the best diet book I’ve came across is “the eat clean diet” by Tosca Reno,
    ( which emphasizes it’s not a diet but a lifestyle). You can find the book at most Goodwill’s for a few dollars or online used probably for the same price.

    Though it comes down to calories in calories out, the best quote I’ve heard about when to eat is; “best to eat like a king in the morning, a queen during the day, and a pauper at night, as food provides energy and the earlier your bigger meals are, the easier it is to burn it off throughout the day, but calories in/calories out is of primary importance first; the best foods to eat are always lean proteins in vegetables, paired with complex carbohydrates then fruits, nuts and seeds.

    Keep up the good work!


      1. Excellent, my pleasure! Nothing gets me riled up more than the the wealth of misinformation that abounds regarding what to eat, mostly because I have to reeducate clients about all the bad food information they’ve read or heard about. Forgot to mention Channel 2 (PBS) has a ton of really good information too, especially from Joy Bauer, who I’ve never heard a piece of bad diet advice from.


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