I love me (and that’s OK)

There is a huge stigma, especially among women, that we are arrogant if we say something nice or good about the way we look, feel or act. The media and Western culture has given us distorted and unrealistic “body goals” that are frankly unachievable and we immediately feel like a failure for not looking like a photo-shopped version of a supermodel.


A few months ago, me and my friends were talking about areas of our bodies we don’t like (girls, I know you relate) when one of my friends threw us by asking “What is your favourite thing about you?” It stumped us for a second, as we aren’t used to answering this question but sharing the answers and feeling like people were listening without judgement was so empowering. Please try this with your friends!



I know a lot of inspirational fitness stars always say how they are happier because they are healthier, and to be honest I always thought it was a load of BS. Like, yeah it is easy to be happy when you have a body like that! But I honestly feel like I have got to that place now, and my figure does not look like theirs! For me, completing my half marathon made me look at my body in a different way. I was grateful for it and respected it. It carried me through that distance through sheer determination, through pain and mental barriers. It’s pretty hard not to love your body once you’ve pushed it further than you thought it would go.

The picture of me finishing my race below I would never have shared a few months ago. My legs don’t look great because of the lighting and the movement, I’m sweaty, it’s a bad angle in general. But f*ck it! My body just did something amazing. And I love it.

half marathon

Let’s all try a little harder to not only love ourselves, but love other women. No judgement. No body shaming. No embarrassment. Because you’re amazing and so is your body (and it’s ok to say that)!


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