How to prepare for a good nights sleep

Our brains are switched on constantly throughout the day, it can be difficult when you are on the go all day to switch off at night.bed-sleep-rest-girl

I don’t normally get home until about half 8 in the evening and probably sit down around 9pm by the time I have cooked and eaten, so it can be difficult to switch off.

Here are some tips to try before bedtime this evening.

1. Switch off electronics. You probably hear this one all the time but it really works! I used to lay in bed scrolling through Instagram which would firstly keep me awake because of the blue light, but secondly make me freak out about people’s “perfect” lives on Instagram. This does not make for a good nights sleep!

2. Get a routine. I have a mini routine when I got to bed which makes my brain prepare for sleep. I wash my face with Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. It’s a really gentle cleanser that washes deep, you can literally see make up coming off. Then I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion which wipes away dead skin. I then apply Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, you just need a couple of drops of this and it includes Lavender Oil so the smell is really soothing before bed. Lastly, I add a tiny bit of Natural Spa Factory moisturiser and some Kiehls Avocado Eye Cream. This little bit of me time before bed helps me relax plus my skin looks so much better in the morning!

Great quality iPhone photo!

3. Read a book. Instead of watching TV or going on your phone, try reading a book before bed. I find it hard to go straight to sleep as my brain goes off on something random but reading a book means no blue light and a healthy distraction before sleep. I usually read 2 books at a time, one non-fiction for day time and one fiction normally for bedtime. At the moment, I’m reading Life Tonic and I have just started a new crime-thriller – the Harry Hole series.

4. Meditating. I have spoken in a previous post the different forms of meditation and the misconception that you need to be sitting cross-legged humming. When the light goes off and the book down, I take 5 minutes spending time focused on my breathing to calm my mind and nervous system and make sure I don’t have any negative thoughts that might affect my sleep quality.

Thanks for reading lovelies. What tips do you have to get your beauty sleep?


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