Lifestyle: Buzzword of health industry

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

I have been guilty of using this word as much as anyone else to try and explain to people why I’m on such a health kick. “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” is probably one of the most used phrases by health and fitness experts.

I am not a health and fitness expert. But from someone outside the industry, I think it is easy to use this phrase and make it sound easy.

I have recently discovered that lifestyle changes come gradually. So, your health kick might start out as a diet, or cutting out alcohol, or going to the gym more. But that is just one or maybe two habits that you will change.

Is it too much to expect someone who never works out and eats junk food all the time to completely overhaul their whole life overnight? Are we not constantly told to not put too much pressure on ourselves in case we fail? Which we will. Over and over again.

As humans, we are not perfect and what a great/healthy/balanced (delete as necessary) lifestyle is to one person, is not the same for another.

It’s your life, style it how you want to.



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