3 Reasons to try Anti-Gravity Yoga

So, I tried Anti-Gravity yoga today for the first time and it was so not what I expected that I really wanted to share my experience! If you aren’t sure what this is, it is yoga but using hammocks to suspend you from the ceiling allowing you to relax more deeply into the pose.

I couldn’t quite manage the splits!

Here are three reasons why you should give this class a try:

  1. It’s actually really challenging!

I thought that this would be quite easy and relaxed (not sure why as Yoga is sometimes quite demanding) but at points, my arms were shaking! For strength conditioning, this is a really great class for upper body strength and core.


You had to be able to lift yourself up using your arms and pulling your legs into a pike or tuck. We also suspended upside down, legs straight in the air (or splits if you are that flexible) so you needed a really strong core to be able to hold yourself correctly.

2. No pressure!

I mean this in two ways. Firstly, inversion (traditional) yoga is very meditative. The music is calming, you ease into each pose and it is very quiet. This is great, and I love yoga for this reason, but sometimes it can be hard to switch off and feel like you aren’t getting the benefits. Aerial/Anti-Gravity yoga is very different – music is more upbeat, you might struggle to work the hammock at first or stumble around. It definitely doesn’t feel gracious in the first instance!


In another way, it’s much better for you if you struggle with pressure on your neck or lumbar spine. The hammock eases pressure off by allowing you to hang in the air and totally relax into the stretch or pose.

3. Feeling like a child again

There were two poses I really enjoyed. One is called ‘The Womb’ which we did at the beginning of the class to relax and focus our breathing. You sit cocooned in the silk fabric which looks weird but the cosy feeling and the way the cloth supports you makes you feel so safe! It’s incredible.



The second pose at the end, you lay flat out in the hammock and our instructor even swung some of us. With the lights off and swinging gently, again supported by this soft fabric, it’s amazing how comfortable and safe you feel. Worth it just for the end!


Disclaimer: Photos from the internet to show you what I did, I didn’t want to ask for photos in my first class!

Want to try the class out? Here are three locations in London:

Flying Fantastic (Bankside, Battersea, Old Street, Wimbledon)

Virgin Active – Bank

Gymbox – Multiple locations




One thought on “3 Reasons to try Anti-Gravity Yoga

  1. I walked by a room one day, looked to the side, and there were people hanging from hammocks like in your photos. Anti-gravity yoga is not something I’ve tried but the class was full in this activity center on that particular day. Great you enjoyed it!


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