How to get out of a training plateau

“I have mentally overcome a barrier that I didn’t even know I had put up for myself”

I got into training about 6 years ago when I met my boyfriend Paul. He was a tennis coach when we met and very into fitness. I never really knew what to do in the gym before – he gave me the bug and now I train about 4 or 5 times a week.

I have, however, probably only been training more consistently the last year but I still haven’t seen much change no matter how hard I train. I definitely am not one of those people who can eat what they want and stay skinny and I LOVE FOOD! Although I eat clean (I cook most of my meals from scratch) I do love chocolate and pasta and always thought this was why I didn’t notice much difference.

But recently, I had an eye-opening workout with my new colleague at work. Now, it’s important to note, I never train with anyone else unless I’m doing a class. It’s also important to note, that Kelly is an absolute machine! When I asked her if she had run a marathon, she replied with “Yes – a trail marathon“. Because, you know, a normal marathon isn’t hard enough!

So, training with someone new took me completely outside my comfort zone.

It was like having a PT but better! As Kelly is the same height/build as me and her full-time job is not a Personal Trainer, I felt compelled to push myself further (the competitiveness in me!)

The next week, I went to the gym and did a similar workout on my own and burnt almost 100 more calories than my normal workout. And now I’ve done it once I have mentally overcome a barrier that I didn’t even know I had put up for myself.

So if you’re hitting a plateau in your training, try working out with a friend or colleague. Just make sure they are fitter than you to really test your limits. Failing that – pick a workout class at your normal gym or using something like ClassPass that you would never normally go for.

Let me know how it goes or if you have any tips for getting out of a plateau. 

Full details of the workout we did below:

Lunchtime workout

2 min jog on the treadmill to warm up

  • 5 x 150m sprints (I started at 13kph, Kelly started at 15kph)
    • 10 x in and out Squat Jumps – (jump in and out – 1 rep!) Watch how to do this here.
    • 10 x Forward Jump Squat (going as low and as far forward as you can) Watch how to do this here.
    • 10 x body slam squats (we used a sandbag about 4kg, Kelly used 7kg) – View the video here
    • 10 x jump lunges (each leg) – Watch how to here

Repeat 3 times making sure you increase the speed each round on your sprints by at least 1kph.

I actually ended the workout on 17kph (my fastest previous to this was 14kph which shows you how far I pushed myself!)


Feel free to repeat 2 more times if you dare! 

Let me know if you do try this – how did you find it?! x


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